About us

Kaunas Cultural Center, formerly „Tautos Namai“ (Eng. “the House of the Nation”), is being restructured into a completely new, modern and up-to-date multifunctional cultural center (KCC). KCC is being renewed not only by reconstructing and remodeling the building in functional, architectural, interior and exterior aspects, but also by substantially renewing the structure of the institution’s activities, publicity and other areas. The separation of old traditions and modern art no longer exists here – they become a complementary factor, creating a fresh approach to Kaunas culture.

In order to make KCC a modern, up-to-date and multifunctional cultural center, in addition to groups representing old cultural traditions and arts, we attract new and relevant areas of arts and creative industries, including architecture, electronic

music, photography, contemporary dance and others. Kaunas will share not only culture, but also knowledge about culture – each of these new industries in Kaunas Culture Center starts to carry out various educational activities, different types of trainings, seminars, festivals, conferences and creative workshops. Kaunas Culture Center can be called modern not only because of the architecturally renewed spaces where culture can be found, but also because of the changing approach to culture. We strive to make this center open and interesting to the widest possible audience – people of any age or profession. We hope that KCC will become the home of a community of creative people, where the desire to create and a fresh approach to Kaunas culture will grow.

KCC is a modern Culture Center in Kaunas. The kind that Kaunas residents have long lacked.