„Ainiai“ dance group

The folk-dance ensemble of the elderly “Ainiai” got its name more than 20 years ago, but folk dance lovers gathered much earlier – in 1968. Since its establishment, the ensemble has been led by choreographers K. Motuza, V. Maulius, L. Rekašienė, Z. Sliesoriūnas, E. Pabrėžaitė, and since 2018, Darius Žilinskas has become the new leader of “Ainiai”. The team consists mainly of family couples who spend time together meaningfully, participating in various competitions and celebrations. For the members of “Ainiai”, this team is an integral part of life, and Kaunas Culture Center is the second home.

During its 50 years of operation, “Ainiai” has organized many performances, participated in reviews, competitions, festivals, World Lithuanian Song Festivals, and danced at various events in Kaunas. Known not only in Lithuania, but also abroad, the elderly folk dance ensemble has gathered a large group of friends and like-minded people – “Ainiai” not only goes to perform in foreign countries, but also invites them to its own festival, which has already become a tradition. “Ei, senoliai, patrepsėkim”, which was first held in 1998.

Darius Žilinskas
+370 682 12787
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18 - Balandis
Mėgėjų teatrų festivalis „49-oji Kauno rampa‘‘
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19 - Balandis
Mėgėjų teatrų festivalis „49-oji Kauno rampa‘‘
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20 - Balandis
Mėgėjų teatrų festivalis „49-oji Kauno rampa‘‘