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The architectural studio of Kaunas Culture Center is a creative workshop where the possibilities of using various materials used in architectural science (cardboard, concrete, paper, plastic and others) are tested. The word "impossible" does not exist here. Children are introduced to the basics and theories of architecture, invited to experiment, learn and realize their fantasies by creating interior objects, layouts or just creating something unique and unusual.

KCC studio is managed by Monika Kinderytė, who is a member of the team of the architectural studio "200M2", who has been working with students in grades 1-12 at "200M2" since 2012, organizing educational projects and other creative activities. In the team's luggage are the projects "Lithuania 2018 through the eyes of children" and "Kaunas 3000", during which the younger generation learns to perform small architectural projects, but also improves skills by creating visualizations with like-minded people. The aim of the activities is to change the established concept of the commonality of man and nature and to prove that there are no limits to fantasy.

Monika Kinderytė
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23 - Gegužės
„Čiurlionio miškas Kanadoje” vizuali kelionė Vakarų Kanados miškais
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24 - Gegužės
Bartoš Eiliako albumo pristatymo koncertas