Creative industries
„Creo“ Photography Studio

In today’s everyday life, modern technologies such as the camera are available to probably everyone. However, there is often a lack of skills or elementary knowledge of the art of photography. A professionally equipped photography studio has started its activities at KCC, which helps to deepen one’s knowledge about this art and its history. It is a space where you can work, organize small-format photo sessions, where educational activities, seminars, and other various activities related to the art of photography take place.

The studio is led by professional photographer Sebastijonas Petkus. In addition to the supervisor, activities in the studio are led by other well-known lecturers, including Dainius Ščiuka and Svetlana Batura, competent photographers, whose works are constantly exhibited in various exhibitions. Svetlana is one of the most prominent Lithuanian photographers, winner of Lithuanian and international competitions (Lithuanian press photographers, “Black & White”, “Spider Award”, “Camera Obscura Journal”, etc.), wedding photographer, currently working with many Lithuanian designers and creators. Her colleague Dainius is one of the most famous Lithuanian young photographers, who presented the well-known photography projects “Natural Women” and “Frame a Beard”.

Sebastijonas Petkus
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