„Dance house“

“Dance House” – KCC carries out artistic and educational activities focused on the dissemination of contemporary dance and professional performative performing arts, gathering dance professionals, amateurs and all people interested in dance in Kaunas. The studio offers lessons of the Contemporary Dance Association, develops a movement laboratory, organizes children’s dance classes, develops a residency program, aims to integrate different sections of society, involving the widest possible circle of people and thus break the established view that movement or dance is only for young and healthy people.

Marius Pinigis, a long-term dancer of the Kaunas Dance Theater “Aura”, who is currently intensively creating and dancing independently in various projects, successfully presenting his work not only in Lithuania, but in the world is responsible for the activities of the “Dance House”. Utilizing his long-term experience in the field of dance both in Lithuania and abroad, the creator seeks to unite other dancers, choreographers and society working, dancing and creating in Kaunas, to integrate them into a wide range of activities related to the spread of contemporary dance in Kaunas and beyond.

Marius Pinigis
+370 675 40494
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09 - Gruodis
Kalėdinis koncertas BALTI ŽIEMOS SAPNAI
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10 - Gruodis
Kazimieras Likša ir styginių kvartetas