Creative industries
„Room 404“

KKC-based electronic music and sound studio “Room 404” will provide an opportunity not only to learn more or expand the knowledge of the electronic music creation process. For those who were previously only theoretically interested in electronic music and its creation, KCC will provide a unique opportunity to experience creative pleasure in Lithuania and try out various electronic music and sound recording processes, using rare electronic musical instruments, the latest software and other hardware.

In the professionally equipped and acoustically prepared space you will find new modern software and hardware, which is rich in analog synthesizers, rhythm machines, various effects, and listening pleasure is ensured by high-quality sound monitors. Those who want will have the opportunity to get acquainted not only with like-minded amateurs, but also with specialists in this field: the studio will organize educational programs, various events, seminars, where experienced contemporary music creators or producers will share their experiences and insights.

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