The children’s folk dance ensemble “Šėltinis” has been counting the beginning of its creative activity since 1938. In the beginning, in the post-war period, children were taught to dance classical ballet and perform choreographic compositions, but later the little dancers mastered various historical dances, learned the dances of the nations of the world. The children of the folk-dance ensemble are taught to love not only Lithuanian dance, but also to respect and nurture the traditions of national art, national costumes, get to know the customs of their country, grow up to be honest and conscious citizens.

Since 1985, under the leadership of Virginia Skiparienė, “Šėltinis” has become a children’s folk dance group and presents only Lithuanian folk dances, folklore circles and games to the audience, fosters the authenticity of nationality and stage dance traditions. The ensemble regularly performs at various events in Kaunas and is a participant of all Lithuanian and World Lithuanian song and dance festivals. “Šėltinis” concert routes have reached many European countries, children have performed in Poland, Latvia, Hungary, Ukraine, Estonia, Italy, Turkey, Croatia. They go on educational trips in Lithuania and abroad.

Virginija Skiparienė
+370 611 09945
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