The oldest folk-dance ensemble in Lithuania, “Suktinis”, dates back to the beginning of its creative activity in 1936. The girls’ folk-dance circle – the pioneer of the current “Suktinis” – was established in the then cultural club. “Suktinis” is one of the first in Lithuania to start creating thematic concert dance programs. 2016 The ensemble commemorated the 80th anniversary of its creative activity, so it is not difficult to understand why many participants of Suktinis do not imagine their lives without love of national art, fostering national culture, meaningful leisure and continuation of traditions.

For many years, the ensemble was led by choreographers L. Aukštaitė, E. Daukšaitė, L. Duoba, A. Bukauskas, J. Danys, A. Jurgelevičius, V. Maulius, K. Kondratavičius and other leaders. The kankle ensemble, led by M. Šimkevičiūtė-Klimantavičienė, also existed for a long time. Since 1974 Laimutė Mintaučkytė-Rekašienė works as the artistic director of Suktinis. 1976 The international folk-dance festival “Šoki, trypki” was born and still operates today, thanks to which Lithuanian spectators got acquainted with the national art of Hungary, Greece, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and Germany.

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