Third Century University

The Kaunas County Branch of the Third Century University started its activities in the autumn of 1999. It is an independent, voluntary public organization (since 2004 – association) with its activities aimed at improving the integration of older people into society, promoting their rich and productive life, raising the level of knowledge and culture. The university organizes non-formal education, meets the need for lifelong learning. The number of people who want to study, broaden their horizons or otherwise realize their abilities is growing every year. Currently, the number of university attendees is up to 1,500.

Activities are organized on an academic basis. Attendants of the University attends the faculties of Theology, Law, Literature, Theater and Music, Health, History, Design, English, Art, Tourism and Leisure Organization, History of Culture and Education, Kėdainiai Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. In the faculties, the curricula are organized by the deans according to the wishes of the listeners; lectures, seminars and discussions are led by lecturers of higher education institutions, medics, lawyers, theologians, museologists, artists, politicians, and meetings with people of culture and art take place.

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16 - Vasaris
Vasario 16-osios koncertas VILČIŲ NEMUNAI
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22 - Kovas
Spektaklis „Nuostabūs dalykai“
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31 - Kovas
Alinos Orlovos koncertas