Art Studio “Vaivorykštė” is one of the oldest art studios in KCC, founded in 1946. A group of amateur artists is engaged in aesthetic education, cognition of art, development of professional art skills and improvement of self-expression. The visitors of the studio are people of different ages, professions and education. Here they come knowing that they are free to express their abilities, thoughts, and emotions on a piece of paper or canvas. Creative works are performed not only in the studio, but also in nature – art plein airs and other trips are organized in good weather.

The works created by the members of the studio are exhibited in various exhibitions in Kaunas and Kaunas district. About ten joint studio members or solo exhibitions are held per year. The studio has been led by experienced professional artists since its inception. The first head of the studio was the artist J. Buračas. Later artists J. Janulis, B. Grigas, G. Kuprytė, J. Tenzegolskienė, A. Lukštas, N. Liutkevičienė, J. Dovydaitytė, and from 1961 to 2011 – E. Survila. Since 2012 – Asta Vandytė, since 2017 – Agnietė Janušaitė-Vitkūnienė.

Agnietė Janušaitė-Vitkūnienė
+370 612 1582
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16 - Vasaris
Vasario 16-osios koncertas VILČIŲ NEMUNAI
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22 - Kovas
Spektaklis „Nuostabūs dalykai“
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31 - Kovas
Alinos Orlovos koncertas